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Bath bombs provide added relaxation and a very cool effect to any ordinary bath. This site is dedicated to consumer education about bath bombs, what they’re made of and what benefits they can provide for you. Besides giving you an amazingly colorful and fizzy bath experience, some bath bombs can be beneficial for your skin and benefit your health in general.

the best bath bombs

If you’re new to bath bombs, they’re basically hard packed dry ingredients that are shaped like a ball for the most part. When you toss a bath bomb into your bath tub or jacuzzi, they effervesce and dissolve, leaving an amazing colorful display of water in your bath.

The Best Bath Bombs for 2019

Lifestance Organic Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set

These Lifestance organic fizzy bath bombs gift set bath bombs are perfect for personal use or for gift giving. There is no better gift than a gift that will allow the recipient to relax and enjoy a good time in the tub. These bath bombs are hand made with pure natural ingredients and also have essential oils. Their makers used the best natural and organic ingredients in order to leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. You may also notice that you feel more relaxed and that your mood is enhanced.

There are 9 delicious smelling scents in this assortment: Lavender, Rose, Ocean, Green Tea, Mint, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lemon and berry. Each of the bath bombs are 2.4 oz. Each bath bomb will give its user a unique experience. Think of this as turning your home into a spa but for more than half of the price. If you are experiencing any pain or fatigue, these bath bombs will help you. You also have a 100% money back guarantee to fall back on in case you aren’t 100% satisfied.

For under $20, this amazing bath bomb gift set is one of the best around for the money. Make sure to check out the reviews on the Lifestance Organic Bath Bombs on Amazon.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 

Each of the 12 LifeAround2Angels bath bombs are uniquely made. They are functional and help you relax as well. Made in USA and fizzing with colors that do not stain your tub. These are formulated for normal to dry skin and developed to allow you to relax and get the spa experience in your home. Each bath bomb is wrapped individually and is often used for gifts or of course you can use them for self-pampering.

Enjoy the fun of these fizzies and also be able to relax knowing that your skin is receiving what it needs. You don’t have to go to the spa to be able to enjoy this amazing pampering evening. These bath bombs are easy to use. Just start your bath, drop it in and allow for the bath bomb to fizz and fill the tub. Whether you get in before you place the bath bomb or not is personal preference. If you’re like me, you’ll love dropping the bath bombs in this gift set and watching your bath explode with color.

At this price, the LifeAround2Angels bath bombs are an absolute steal for the quality you’re getting.

Appleaves Lush Bath Bombs

The Appleaves Lush bath bombs are premium quality. They are made from natural and organic ingredients as well as handmade by the bath bomb artists. There are six large bath bombs in the set – they are about 4.5 oz which is about the size of a tennis ball. They are formulated to give relaxation and moisture to your skin. Whether you want to relax at night or you are wanting to enjoy some time with your partner, these bath bombs will be great for you.

Enjoy any of the different scents that are in the set. Each kit includes Bulgarian rose, purple lavender and yellow marigold. This is definitely a spa like experience in your own tub. There are two bath bomb balls per scent. These bath bombs are definitely worth the money.

Oliver Rocket 6 Organic Scents Bath Bombs

The Oliver Rocket bath bombs set gives you 6 extra large organic bath bombs. If you love fizzy, fragant and soothing then this is the kit for you. There are six colorful bath fizzies coming in: Lavender, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Rose, Grapefruit Tangerine, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Cool Water. They are handmade in the USA and each of them are individually wrapped in order to keep them fresh. You will love the extra large size. High quality ingredients include: colorant, fragrance, shea butter, coconut oil, kosher sea salt, baking soda and citric acid.


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